Varsity football faces Dripping Springs


Michael Rodriguez

Junior Carson McMullin throws the ball to his intended receiver during the Homecoming game against Anderson.

Daniel Van Cleave, Staff Reporter

The varsity football team will travel across Onion Creek tomorrow to face Dripping Springs. The Jags are ready to take down the undefeated Tigers in this matchup and earn their third win of the season, getting them out of the negative win column. 

“I feel pretty confident,” starting running back Ethan Ybarra said. “We all just need to execute, get good blocks, and defensively turnover the ball. Then we’ll be good.”  

Most say the team that wins the line battle usually comes up on top. 

“As long as we are working as a team correctly I think we can be really competitive in the game,” starting center Caleb Gomez said. “The O-line just needs to keep the momentum they have held from the past few games, and just keep hitting them hard.”

The Jags are going into the game with a two game win streak, beating the undefeated Tigers will give them their third win in a row.

“It would be pretty huge,” starting safety/wide receiver Caden Winzer said. “Dripping has blown out everyone, so if we beat them I think we’ll gain a lot more confidence in each other and ourselves.”