Intro to Softball Season

Daniel Van Cleave

With the softball season just a couple days away, the lady jags are ready to start the season off strong and have a great year. 

After last year’s season, the girls are looking to improve both individually and as a team 

“I’m looking to improve on defense this year,” sophomore Kinlee Mcguire said. “I was off and on left field last year, but this year I will start in center field. I also would like to make it past the first round of playoffs next year.” 

Even with the 6A division teams the girls will play this year, they are still prepared and ready for what’s to come. 

“The 6A division will be way more tough than last year,” junior Sydney Wagner said. “But we have spent a lot of time in the weight room and have focused a lot more on the communication and mental side of the game this year.” 

 This offseason, the girls have been putting in the most work they have ever put in. 

“This was definitely some of the most work and progression I’ve seen myself make in a while,” senior Amia Torres said. “We really have been going at it since the beginning of the year. Getting a lot stronger, a lot smarter, and a lot more prepared for this upcoming season.”

 To cheer on the girls’ softball team, students are making sure to fill the student section and show their support, as loudly as possible.

“We are always loud,” sophomore Cameron Torres said. “Whichever game is home, Johnson knows to pack the student section.”