Boys Track Team Live and in Action


Michael Rodriguez

Colton Willams running the 4×1.

Daniel Van Cleave, Staff writer

The boys track and field team is showing to be ready for this season with three good meets already in the books. They are looking to finish the season strong and enjoy it while it lasts. Going into the 6A division could have been a worry for others, but not to the Johnson boys. 

 “I wasn’t worried about it, and I’m still not,” varsity junior Ryan Poag said. “We have shown our fight so far this season, and wont stop trying to finish first at every meet we are at. It just motivates someone more when you are the underdog considering we are new to the division, but I would say we are showing dominance.” 

To win as a team, you can do well on the track, but you also need to excel in the jump events. 

“I made some of the highest jumps I have ever gotten this year,” varsity senior Caden Croft said. “I have been placing high and getting us as many points as I can. People may not realize but one bad placement in a jumping event could lead to you not getting first, so we have to rack up as many points as possible.” 

No matter the race or event, boy’s track will have the fastest people running. 

“I think our Johnson relay team is doing a great job so far,” varsity junior Colton Willams said. “As the last leg I can say I am confident and trust my boys to run their hardest and give me the best advantage to finish the race as high of a ranking as possible. It takes lots of practice but we do a good job at our relays.”

Not only is varsity performing well, but JV is too as they have gotten first in the past two meets. 

“As a team and individually we are doing great,” JV sophomore Kory Moye said. “In all of the events we finished top three as a team and all those points add up and shows why we keep finishing at the top of our meets.”