Jungle Jags


Marie Colunga, Staff Writer

The JungleJags is a very fun and eco-friendly group that started with Mrs.knight the first year Johnston opened and try and meet up once a month in room 227 but with no set date at the begging the club would do fun crafts but then moved on to recycling.  


¨We try to meet at least once a month but it is no set date¨said Mrs.knight ¨ The club started the first day Johnston opened we met up and we would do things like making bath bombs and doing crafts and stuff and then we started recycling.¨ Mrs.knight said 


Mrs knight started the club because of her passion for environmental conservation and wants to share that with others who are also passionate about the same thing.


¨ I am passionate about environmental conservation and I want to inspire students to be as well then also for students who are already passionate about environmental protection to have a club for them to be able to  do some good for Johnston and to help make Jhonston more of a green and environmentally conscious school¨ said Mrs.knight 


 The club does crafts and projects that can help out around Johnston such as recycling and picking up used batteries to be disposed of properly


¨We do crafts and we try to think of projects each year to help the school last year was our big recycling iniquities and this year we tried the battery thing so that  the batteries don’t get thrown into the landfill and get disposed of properly¨  Mrs.Knight  said 


The club is a fun place to do crafts and find other people who are just as interested in being eco-friendly as you are and your lend a helping hand to Johnston


¨When we do our crafts its supper fun to just sit down and do our crafts together and to have a common interest with each other so they can have fun I get a lot of satisfaction from helping the custodians with recalling it makes me feel better like I’m doing something besides teaching at a school¨said Mrs knight 


You don’t even half to sign up to be a part of the club you can just show up and be able to help and it isn’t very formal!


¨You can join it any time and it’s not super formal and you don’t even half to be a member o sign up¨. said Mrs knight 


The goal of jungle jags is to make Johnston greener and make a garden with compost so there wont be so much waste at the school another one of their goals is to have more students recycle.

¨I want Johnstin to be a lot greener and I want students to recycle, I want to start a whole composting thing at Johnston where we pick up food waste which is used to create a garden that is my end goal is to have a garden at  Johnston and our compost goes into the compost bin and then that feeds into the garden so I just want Johnsting to be more sustainable and to have a lot less waste¨