Students organize sports games to provide entertainment during last nine weeks


Ava Swanson

Junior Hayden Huesser and seniors Jorge Galvan-Puente and Tommy Villegas-Palacios fight for the ball.

Ava Swanson, Editor

On Mar. 19, students organized a soccer game called the “Co-Ed Classic” that was held on the Johnson football field in order to bring spring break to a fun end. Senior Hudsyn Vasquez-Morales first had the idea for the game, and he is planning more activities for the future. 

“The idea came to me when I realized that we should have more school events where everyone can participate,” Vasquez-Morales said. 

The game brought together people from different sports and different backgrounds in order to achieve this. Some of the attendees played for Johnson’s varsity soccer program, while others had never played a full soccer game. Because of this, the players were able to just blow off some steam and have fun without worrying about winning. 

“I just wanted to play soccer for the fun of it with my friends,” senior Kyra Gaddy said. “It’s my passion.” 

Due to the amount of fun the whole team had, Vasquez-Morales is planning another soccer game on April 10, and he might try to get a third one in before the end of the school year. He hopes that enough people will sign up to fill the field with two teams of 11 players. 

“We’re already planning more soccer games lined up in the future,” Gaddy said. “I would love to participate in Hudsyn’s future games.”

In addition to soccer, Vasquez-Morales is excited to announce the “HJV Creative Classic” on April 20. This will be a basketball tournament that is set to last from 12:30 to 4:10. The winning team will end up going against the teachers. 

“During school, it’s just going to be all-day basketball,” Vasquez-Morales said. “I’m excited to miss school, but I’m most looking forward to winning it with my team.”

Signing up to be on a team is $5 per player, and it will cost the same amount to be a spectator. The funds will go toward paying for the trophy and medals given to the top three teams, and any remaining money will go to the Johnson basketball program. 

“It’s a good fundraiser for the basketball program,” Vasquez-Morales said. “We’re probably going to raise about $1000. Beyond that, it’s just fun. Playing sports gets you out there and lets people show their competitive side.”

 Basketball team sign-up: