Prom King and Queen of 2023


Robert Farrell

Lunsford and Adams pose after winning prom king and queen.

Julia Fender, Staff Writer

This year marks the second time that JHS has ever had a prom king and queen. Senior Luke Adams was elected the prom king, and senior Lucy Lunsford was elected prom queen. 

Adams is involved in biomed at school and enjoys hanging out with friends outside of school. Adams was in choir for three years and on the tennis team for two years. When the prom nomination form came out, Adams had forgotten all about it but was pleasantly surprised to have been nominated. 

“It didn’t even occur to me that I could run for prom king,” Adams said. “It feels nice to know that even when you’re not around, people still think about you.”

Adams was not even sure people would vote for him, but the moment that he was crowned, he was elated. 

“It was just kind of nerve-racking seeing all of these other people that got voted for. Like, ‘am I really going to get voted for?’” Adams said. “It was just pure excitement when I had won. I did a lot of screaming immediately after. It was just a lot of jumping and screaming and dancing.”

Lunsford is a JHS cheerleader. She’s also president of the National English Honor Society and in the National Honor Society. Leading up to nominations, Lunsford and her friends nominated each other as a way to just have fun with it. 

“My friends had talked about nominating us, but then we just all nominated each other,” Lunsford said. “I wasn’t really expecting to win, I was just kind of doing it for fun.” 

Lunsford was not even sure about being nominated but eventually came around to the idea. 

“I kind of acted like it wasn’t really a big deal, but I was actually excited about it,” Lunsford said. “I just went along with it and let myself have fun with it.”

Both Lunsford and Adams were also elected for senior superlatives. Lunsford was voted ‘Cutest Couple’ with senior Robert Rivas. Adams was elected ‘Most Likely to be Successful.’ It’s safe to say that the two are loved by their class and deserve the title of king and queen.