Cinderella’s Closet !


Marie Colunga, Staff Writer

Cinderella’s Closet was started by Casey Gernerd last year when students would ask for discounts on the prom tickets. 

“It kind of started with people who said they wanted discounted prom tickets and it was like, oh well if you need help with the prom tickets, do you need help with the dress?” Gernerd said. “We put it in the announcements that during A or B lunch on certain days, if students come to my office, I would bring them to the closet.”

And so, Gernerd decided to start Cinderella’s Closet. She put out an announcement in the homeroom slides asking for used bridesmaid and prom dresses.

“We received 30 to 40 dresses, and people donated racks, and we made a sign that said Cinderella’s Closet,” Gernerd said. “We set it up last year, and so that’s how we got it started. We just put it out to the community that we needed these dresses. We were able to bring in anyone who was suggested, so guidance counselors like Mrs. Hook or anyone who was connected to students that say ‘I need help’ could come to me and we could look in Cinderella’s Closet,” Gernerd said. 

People even went as far as to give suits to Cinderella’s closet as well, which they are still trying to figure out. 

“The suits for boys or girls are tougher because you have to get them fitted, so that adds a whole other element,” Gernerd said. “Some teachers suggested that maybe we raise money and get gift cards for Men’s Warehouse or to a department store where anyone who wants to get a suit could get it fitted and have that money. We are kind of in the works on that.”  

Cinderella’s Closet is located in the teacher’s workroom on the third floor next to the English teachers’ rooms, and it has racks of dresses, shoes and accessories. 

“It is a storage room upstairs, but it is pretty big, and I put covers on the door so no one can see in,” Gernerd said. “They would just go in and try on dresses. People also donated full-length mirrors, so we have mirrors. It is by the English classrooms, so the English teachers would come in and give their feedback to the girls on how the dresses look.” 

Mrs. Gernard found that it gives her happiness to help people in need that are unable to go to prom and help give them a good and lasting memory. 

“It feels good knowing that I help someone be able to go to prom, which is such a pivotal event as a high school junior or senior. I feel like everyone remembers their prom, whether it was good or bad. Making this positive experience  for some of the girls that come to me with a hard backstory or a really tough time their family is in, I feel like this is one way that I can add a positive, happy moment to their life and create a happy memory.” 

Gernerd also wants to let people know there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed and that they are here to help you have an amazing prom.

“There are so many people out there that need help financially,” Gernerd said. “Especially when it comes to making prom happen, so reach out to the adults around you. Whether it is a teacher, an AP or coming directly to me, we are going to make this happen for you. I want people to know that Cinderella’s Closet seems specific for girls and dresses, but whether it is a prom ticket or accessories or a suit, we want to make this moment doable for you!”