Band sets sights on Grand Nationals with new show


JHS Band Smugmug

Band performs at halftime during the San Antonio Clark game.

Julia Fender, Staff Reporter

Band kicks this new school year off with a bang! The new band show has the Jags ‘all in’ and ready for the band to take it all home at Grand Nationals this year. This year’s show, entitled “Against All Odds,” features a theme around a Texas Hold Em’ poker game. According to drum major Rally Thomas, the odds are in their favor and the show is expected to be a major hit. 

“It’s an amazing thought to have been in 2019 starting out with [the first band show], “Journey,” and a very small band. We didn’t know what we were doing to end with this show, which I love,” Thomas said. “Everything is themed this year and I love it. It’s a good theme.” 

This year’s theme also has a deeper meaning and highlights the young band and the early successes they’ve had in four short years. The early successes of the band have put them on the map, from making finals at the Waco Regionals to winning the Midland Regionals last year. The goal for this year is to continue with the band’s successes and strive for continued growth. 

“It’s just about constantly moving forward and improving what we’re doing and constantly trying to set achievable goals and then achieving those goals,” Band Director Joey Lucita said.  

In working towards goals, also comes the motivation necessary to achieve them. Band adopts phrases to keep them motivated during the year and, not surprisingly, the phrase for this year goes with the theme as well. 

“We all have little phrases for each show. The phrase for this show is “all in.” Like how you put all your poker chips in,” Thomas said. 

With this motivation, constant support, and amazing new theme, the band is destined for greatness this year. Band is looking forward to performing and excelling this year. 

“I love what we’re doing and all of the achievements that we’re making and the kids that we have. Whatever we can give to our community, I hope that they’re enjoying it as much as we are giving it to them,” Lucita said.