National English Honor Society hosts peer writing workshop for students


Daniella Moreno, Staff Writer

The National English Honor Society is now hosting a Peer Writing Workshop every Tuesday from 4:15-4:45 p.m. in room A318. 

“The big thing that we have to push literacy for the school is the peer writing workshop,” NEHS teacher sponsor Susan Pope said. “Anybody can come in with any writing they need work on.”

Next Monday, NEHS will host the first Edgar Allen Poe Door Decorating Contest through homeroom classes. Judging will occur on Oct. 28, and the top three winning classes will be rewarded with donuts. 

“We’re hoping to see the homeroom classes really embrace it,” senior Ava Swanson, Vice President of Education, said. 

In November, NEHS will host a book drive, and in the spring, there will be an open mic night for students to sing, recite poetry and give monologues.

“We’re trying to help people become better writers through our peer writing workshop and just different activities that promote the love of books,” Pope said. 

Pope started NEHS two years ago, when she moved to Texas. At her old school in Virginia she had been sponsoring the chapter, or local organization, for 10 years. 

“I think she works really hard to make a foundation for NEHS, especially because we’re such a new chapter,” Swanson said. “She really helps our chapter get a foothold in the school.”

The first year of NEHS, Pope began recruiting members among the sophomore and junior classes, since there weren’t any seniors yet. But since NEHS began during COVID-19, only seven students applied. 

“We kind of talked about what we wanted to see in the future years and what we would be responsible for in our positions,” Swanson said. “The first time we met as a chapter, was for the Jamboree. It was nice to actually be able to meet as a group, without being online.”

Typically, NEHS accepts applications in the early fall, and students must be a sophomore, junior or senior with a 3.0 overall GPA. Students also need two teacher recommendations and writing samples. 

“They [members of NEHS] are students who are interested in improving the school,” Pope said. “They’re interested in helping others and are hard workers.”