Maker Monday brings creativity to JHS


Alissa Palacios

A student paints a flower pot in the library, which was one of the activities in October.

Rachel Oates, Staff Writer

Maker Monday started this year for the first time in the library. Every Monday, the librarians, Mrs. Hoffman and Ms. Mosbe, set out a new craft in the library for students to come and create. 

“For me personally it gets more students in the library, a lot of the time when I look up stuff I think it’s more to engage in play. It’s just things to get [students] to be more playful with yourselves and each other,” Mosbe said. “We’ve been going through some really stressful times, so it’s always good to remember y’all are still technically kids and it’s okay to be playful.” 

Bringing the idea of Maker Monday to the school has been in the works since the school opened. 

“When we first started here at Johnson there were some supplies that were originally just bought for the campus,” Hoffman said. “So we kind of went with that.” 

Ever since they found the idea of Maker Monday, a national idea that begins with a simple premise to start the week off with hands-on creativity, it has been a goal to achieve. A new craft is placed out every Monday and is available until the Thursday of the same week. 

“We tested it out here and it seems like we’re able to do the whole week, not just Maker Monday,” Mosbe said. “So even though it’s called that, it’s more of our way to let people know that we are here.” 

So far, there have been around 10 projects available, including activities with perler beads, jewelry making, button making and painting clay pots. 

“We had 24 students making pots, but then we also had other students doing jewelry too,” Hoffman said. 

Senior Kayli De Vera-Jon enjoys going to Maker Monday with their friends and peers. 

I like how you can input your own creativity into the project,” Kayli said. “Anything that we’ve done, you can kind of build your own canvas onto it. I saw a bunch of different unique stuff and it was really cool.”