The Future of Feminism at JHS

The Fem Club at JHS


Julia Fender, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Johnson has some pretty strong individuals with passion; however, that’s even more apparent when looking at the school’s fem club. The fem club has been established since 2020, starting with virtual meetings in the midst of the pandemic. The fem club has only grown since then, along with the passion for the cause amongst its members. 

“Seeing the students come together and want to make things better and fight for equality for all people is amazing,” club sponsor Hailey Mullen said. “I just like to see more people getting involved in it. Especially high school students.” 

Coming from a household of strong women, Mullen could identify with the club as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the women in and around the community through the education of what feminism is and the roots of the movement. The support she receives from her members is a driving force as well. 

“I feel like the club’s main goal is to help people in the community and at our school,” senior Vivian Jackson, current fem club President, said. “Just addressing different issues and helping them where we can. I just want everyone to have an equal playing field. But it’s also a whole thing of supporting women.” 

The fem club has experienced some hesitation in the joining of new members, and this is due to the misconception that is often associated with the club. The general consensus of the club, nonetheless, is that all members are welcome. 

“I think a lot of people get a bad idea that the feminist club is only for women or we’re trying to discriminate, but I think the thing about feminism that people need to understand is that it’s equality for everyone,” senior Simone Mericle, Vice President, said. 

As a part of the service that the club provides, the fem club is currently hosting a diaper drive in order to help mothers in need. The donation is lasting through Feb. 9, and the members intend to donate them to a women’s shelter in Austin on Feb. 11. 

“Please donate diapers or wipes for the babies,” Jackson said. “It’s a diaper drive that we do for women in the Austin community that just can’t afford diapers.” 

The group plans to continue their service throughout the rest of the school year and for the school years to come. 

“I think just like any other social movements or civil rights issues, everything is usually fueled by young people,” Mullen said. “So it’s really important that you guys are involved in it and you carry that on.”