“Mr Clean” choir students help janitors with keeping the school clean


Tyler Grumbles, the “Mr Clean” team lead

Ryan Sheely

January 18, janitors were joined by choir members in helping to keep the school clean. Junior Tyler Grumbles, along with other choir members, have been helping the janitors clean the school. Once a month, Grumbles meets with the janitors to clean and dust the stairwells.

“I like to clean and I like to try and be as organized as I can,” Grumbles said. “I think the school needs somebody who actually cares about the school.”

Grumbles thinks that helping out the janitors in cleaning the school is very important due to all the hard work they put into keeping the school clean.

“They go through a lot, and they work their butts off trying to clean the school,” Grumbles said. “They deserve a break, and I love helping them and making sure everything is clean.”

Grumbles is fairly new in this position because the “Mr Clean” team started this year, but Grumbles is adamant on continuing.

“This is my first year, and I’m hoping I can do this again next year because it’s super fun and I enjoy cleaning,” Grumbles said. “I think we need someone around to help keep the school clean so the janitors won’t have to do all of it, because they do a lot of hard work.”