The Rosettes Host a Dance Competition


Julia Fender

Maya Garcia and Giselle Gonzalez pose in front of the Ascension banner.

Julia Fender, Staff Writer

The hustle and bustle never stops at Johnson High. Over the long weekend, the Rosettes hosted a dance competition at Johnson. Many schools from all over Texas came and competed at the school for the title of overall grand champions. With the Rosettes behind it all, the day was a win for the school without the Rosettes even competing. Every year, the Rosettes host a dance competition in order to fund raise for their program and their booster club. 

“We opened the school in 2019, and our program needed to find a solid way to try and fund raise as much money as we possibly could at the time. So I got with this dance company called Ascension, and they were able to offer us a weekend where we could host this competition and that’s how it started,” Brooke Lowden, director of the Rosettes, said. 

The competition lasts all day with team members, parents and staff putting in long hours to make the fundraiser and the competition itself successful. All of the team members play a role in the craze of it all. 

“It’s a fun opportunity because you get to work and collaborate together with your teammates, doing different jobs and helping other teams have the best experience as they can,” Kira Mustain, captain of the Rosettes, said. “The days are long and time consuming, but I love getting to see other teams have an easy going, great experience at our host comps.”

Hosting competitions has become a kind of tradition for the young drill team, with the rookies each year being introduced to the fast-paced nature of competition season itself, along with hosting an entire competition. 

“My first host comp was definitely something different and was an amazing experience,” freshman rookie Giselle Gonzalez said. “I really enjoyed the support from all the schools throughout the day.” 

The Rosettes are still in the midst of the full swing of competition season with hosting one themselves, a key part of it all.