New architecture club starts meeting bimonthly


Marie Colunga

Architecture and interior design teacher Alissa Cornic smiles for the camera.

Marie Colunga, Staff Writer

The architecture club is a fun and social club that was talked about at the beginning of the year and has now started thanks to architecture and design teacher Alissa Cornic and the newly appointed officers. 

¨We kind of talked about it last year, and then I wanted to make sure that it was something we made happen, so we talked about it right at the beginning of the year,” Cornic said. ¨We were able to form our officers, and from there, we were able to launch the program.¨ 

The group started the club so they could share all about architecture in order to involve kids who want to join their program and to get other people interested in architecture.

¨We really wanted to help kind of grow our program,” Cornic said. “Students were talking about architecture and interior design classes, and we were kind of finding out that people didn’t really know what architecture was. Or, they would see projects through our window and ask us what we do in this class. We wanted to share what we do in class with students who aren’t in the class yet and give them a way to be included.”    

The architecture club is done every two months, and they do lots of hands-on projects that relate to architecture and allow people to socialize and have fun. 

¨Every two months, we invite everybody in the school to come join us and do different types of activities that allow for creativity and then just kind of allow people to get to know architectural and interior design concepts,” Cornic said. 

The architecture club is a social environment that anyone can join. By attending the meetings, students can make friends and discover what architecture is all about. 

¨We are very social, and anybody can come even when they are all by themselves,” Cornic said. “We just have a good time. You can make friends here and have time to be creative. The best activity is one you can do with your friends.¨