Senior Rosettes create lasting memories at Moe and Gene Dance


Sarah Moore

The Rosettes stand together on stage during their Spring Show, Encore.

Ava Swanson, Editor

On April 21 and 22, the Rosettes performed their Spring Show, Encore, at the Hays Performing Arts Center. At the beginning of the event, the seniors on the team were honored with the Moe and Gene Dance, where they had the opportunity to dance with their fathers. 

“For my part, which I was able to be a part of, the seniors had a special thing where we wore sundresses instead of the uniform, and it was basically the dads’ last dance with us,” senior Rosette manager Vivian Jackson said. 

The Rosette dance officers worked together to choreograph the “dad dance,” while senior Caitlin Brock did the senior component. 

“Everyone did a really great job,” Jackson said. “It was really good. It was fun.” 

In order to introduce the dads who would be participating, the dance began with them performing their own rock band routine. Their routine was a nod to the theme of the show. 

“It was just lighthearted and fun,” Jackson said. “It’s a last dance, so it’s kindhearted, and you’re with your dad.” 

Even though the atmosphere on those nights was so light and spirited, Jackson felt a lot of nerves before the show because as a manager, she wasn’t as used to performing in front of an audience. 

“I was really nervous, especially because I was in the very front,” Jackson said. “But as you get out there, you’re just kind of in the moment and you’re with your dad. All the worries kind of just go away, and you’re just having fun.” 

Although the night did create some stress and nerves for Jackson, it also left her with important memories and a sense of fulfillment.  

“As a manager, we aren’t in all of the dances,” Jackson said. “We just watch them. So, as a senior, it was nice to be dancing with my dad and being a part of it for the last time. While we were dancing, we were just kind of talking and laughing the whole time.” 

In the end, the Moe and Gene Dance allowed the senior Rosettes to say a meaningful goodbye to their team and create lasting memories with their families. 

“I love my dad,” Jackson said. “It was nice to have a special memory where it was just us connecting through a new experience because it was definitely not something I’ve ever done before.”