JHS Welcomes the New Members of NHS


NHS Officers at the induction ceremony

Rachel Oates and Trevor Wall

On April 12, 2023, a new group of students was inducted into the National Honor Society. After undergoing an acceptance process weeks before, they were accepted into the prestigious organization. Students joined NHS due to its reputation, and they stayed to make a difference in their community. 

“My experience in NHS has taught me what it means to be responsible for not only yourself but also your community,” senior and Parliamentarian Caitlin Brock said. “I’ve been able to grow in leadership and open a whole new set of ideas and outlooks I hadn’t previously considered.”

Students applied to NHS with high hopes of making it in, and were surprised with the results.

“I was thrilled because I honestly didn’t think I would get in,” sophomore Siya Patel said. “People believe it’s just a little club that accepts everybody but most of the time that’s not the case, and that’s why I was so happy about getting into NHS.”

Students were asked to provide records of their accomplishments, service, and leadership, along with statements from 5 teachers and another adult that knows of their values.

“I prepared for applications by creating a strong, resume-type application,” new inductee sophomore Maddie Coats said. “ I included a lot of my accomplishments throughout my high school career including athletics, academics, and volunteer work.”

Aside from being a member of NHS, there is also an opportunity for existing members and new inductees to run for leadership positions such as president, vice president, junior vice president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, and historian. 

“To me, being a leader means making hard or easy choices with the voices of others,” sophomore Bella Moreno said. “I think my responsibilities for NHS are to have time management, excellent grades and being able to solve problems individually, along with being a representative of Johnson and bringing more positive things that can help improve our community.”