Art students’ pieces fill hallway


Makayla Wilson

Students check out the artwork on display at the BIA: Best in Art show last Thursday.

Daniella Moreno, Staff Writer

The Best in Art show, which featured work from every current art student, took place on April 14 in the evening. The event was organized by the art teachers.

“We just wanted to show a piece from every kid in art, and have the parents come,” art teacher, Sara Grizzle, who has been teaching for more than 18 years and teaches Art 1, Art 2 and Drawing,1 said. 

The art teachers decided to propose the idea of an art show to the school board, since this was their first year  teaching with all four grade levels. 

“The goal was to include one piece of artwork from every currently enrolled art student,” art teacher Adrienne Simes said. “We really wanted to showcase everybody.”

Students from the No Place for Hate Club and Art Club members also participated. There were photos from Marcie Dodd’s photography class, watercolor paintings and even a few sculptures.

“They chose the artwork that they’re most proud of, or they feel like best represents their journey and their artwork,” Simes said. “That’s why the show ended up being compiled of lots of different types of projects. Our theme was BIA, Best In Art.”

There was an estimate of 600-700 pieces of artwork from students at the show. 

“It was a lot of work,” Simes said. “I felt really proud to see the students work up, I felt really proud to see how much we’ve accomplished. It makes me really proud of what I do.”

Simes teaches Art 1, Art 2 and Drawing 1. She has been teaching for almost 20 years. She has participated in Austin Studio Tours multiple times. 

“She cares about her students,” freshman and art student Ruby Nelson said. “She’s a good art teacher.”

Marcie Dodd has been a teacher for more than 15 years and many of her art work has been featured in Austin art shows. Her art has been showcased in Austin Art Garage, Voyage Dallas and Almost Real Things. 

“I love being in her class,” freshman and art student Rachel Oates. “She allows us to take time with our art, which I enjoy because you don’t always get that in a school environment. She just makes the entire environment feel healthy.”

Together, the three art teachers also host the art club, once a month. 

“We just do random art crafts,” Oates said. “It’s a lot of fun. Sometimes we do mini sculptures, we did shaving cream art last time.”

The art teachers believed this year was a great opportunity to start a new tradition of their own campus art show. 

“Students don’t always feel like they’re having their art showcased and so having the showcase, with a bunch of art, is awesome,” Oates said. “Seeing the other kids there, they were just happy to be there and see their art with their family.”