Art club starts monthly meetings after school

Marie Colunga, Staff Reporter

Art club starts today in room A135, after school from 4:15 to 5. The three art teachers Sara Grizzle, Marcie Dodd and Adrianne Simes host the club, one Thursday a month. 

The sponsors plan to make solar prints at the first meeting. Using a solution that is reactive to the sun, students layer items and a solution to create an image while exposing it to the sun.

Anybody can join art club, whether they are a current art student or not. Members are allowed to bring any of their personal artwork and work on that if they prefer. 

“It doesn’t matter if you are artistic or not artistic, if you’re creative or not creative, if you’re in art or fine arts or not. If you want an opportunity to explore any modality in art, then art club is a good avenue for you,” Simes said. “Even if you arrive and you don’t feel like you want to do that project, but want to spend this time drawing, we’re cool with that and we can give you a few options and everybody has a good time.” 

In October, the club plans on painting pumpkins and for December they want to do a holiday-themed activity. 

“We started art club to do projects we don’t necessarily do in class either because they are too expensive, too messy or they are more involved,” Simes said. “We also do art club to allow students that aren’t in art to come and partake. Maybe art doesn’t fit in your schedule but you’re able to attend art club once a month to get your creative fix.”

Simes also said it allows her to explore mediums she doesn’t necessarily do in her classes and it allows her to make art side by side with her students.

“We do a lot of messy processed based art which is not what art classes are geared towards so it’s really fun to have dedicated time that we can experiment with new things and new materials,” she said. “It’s just a really fun moment in time and it is a good way for us to connect as a teacher and connect with students that aren’t in the class.” 

The art club started last year and students like sophomore Rachel Oates are excited to participate again this year. 

“The community, the environment and the teachers make it a fun space to be creative,” Oates said. “You get to experience a different kind of art like stuff you wouldn’t do in the classroom and it’s not just your everyday art. There’s always new stuff you can try.”