Micah the mic guy

Meet the voice of JHS’ pep rallies and football games


Trevor Wall

Micah Petrea hypes up the student section at the homecoming pep rally before giving away the spirit stick.

Julia Fender, Staff Writer

You’ve heard his voice at all the football games. You’ve seen him rile up a crowd for school pep rallies. However, not many people really know Johnson’s personal pep guy. Micah Petrea, Johnson’s master of ceremonies, has announced all of Johnson’s moves since 2019 when the school first opened. 

“Being a part of something from the beginning, especially with Johnson, it kind of brought back all of those feelings that I had and memories of those older adults that pushed me and challenged me,” Petrea said.

Petrea is a jack of all trades. Along with being an announcer for the Jags, he is also President of the Education Foundation along with his wife being a member of the school board. This is how Petrea originally met Principal Brett Miksch. Before the school opened, they both attended the New Orleans Sugar Bowl on New Years along with some other school board members. Since then they have worked together in the shared goal of success for Johnson. Unbeknownst to the future Jaguars, this relationship would bring about the creation of the school logo, Johnson’s official MC and a surplus of Jag merch. 

“His imprint on our traditions and on our trademark is going to be everlasting. I’m able to call him a good friend of mine now because he’s just a really solid human being,” Miksch said.  

Miksch and Petrea were fast friends and this friendship gave the school its voice along with an identity to the school itself. 

“Me and Brett came together and then we started talking about all of these things: slogans, t-shirts and all of these things. I mean let’s bring the small town feel into a ginormous high school,” Petrea said. 

Coming from a huge high school himself in South Houston, Petrea knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a school just so. While Petrea attended high school, he was involved in all kinds of activities and sports, but his real passion was choir and stage life. 

“The stage stuff, the spotlighty stuff, there’s something in me where it’s natural, I don’t get nervous. I’m just like whatever and so that’s why I can act a fool at pep rallies,” Petrea said. 

Petrea even attended Florida’s performing arts college, Full Sail, and received his associate’s degree in audio engineering and his bachelor’s in entertainment business. Principal Miksch, hearing about Petrea’s experience, recommended he try being our MC. 

“Somebody had told Brett that I had all of these audio skills and that I was doing voices and I was doing stage things and all that stuff and he goes ‘you should give it a try’ and I go ‘yeah that would be pretty easy,’” Petrea said. 

From there, Petrea began practicing at places like Dahlstrom Middle School and Johnson’s JV football games in order to be prepared for Johnson’s Friday night lights at Shelton Stadium. He didn’t stop there though. Petrea started voicing baseball, softball, volleyball, and many more sports along with his work at the pep rallies. With all of this work, all of which is volunteer work, Petrea also works at a legal firm and owns his own business where he is a graphic designer. He frequently makes hats and different Jag merch. Petrea has his hands full yet he continues to make it work. 

“So I have all these things, these buckets, that I do that I have a, this is so dumb, but I have a sheet, ‘this is what I need to do for here’ and every week I pull it out and I have to check mark it because otherwise I don’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing. I have to have a list,” Petrea said about how he balances all of his work. 

Regardless, Petrea said that he is honored to be able to work for the school and says that he feels that this is his way of giving back to the community. The original inspiration for Petrea was his former teachers in high school. He said that his dream would be to work with kids and to inspire them just like how he was inspired when he was in high school to which he is succeeding. 

“The volunteering aspect of whatever you believe in, do it, cause a lot of people don’t take the time to just do it. At some point, you gotta go ‘I’m taking, taking, taking, let me go help somebody else,’” Petrea said. 

Petrea is a valued member of Johnson High School and plans to continue MCing for the school for years to come. 

“I would describe him as a best friend to Johnson High School. If there’s something that we need, we can pick up the phone, Micah will be here in a minute to help us out,” Miksch said.