Volleyball makes first playoff appearance


Trevor Wall

Senior Lauren Tietz makes a spike to secure a close 3-1 set game against Anderson.

Trevor Wall and Ryan Sheely

Varsity volleyball has had a stunning performance this season, and this Tuesday, the team is matched up against Round Rock Westwood in their first playoff game. So far, the team is ranked fourth in the district with 10 wins and 6 losses in district matches, and overall 29 wins and 15 losses, and plans to win and keep their season going at playoffs. 

“We have been preparing for the playoffs by keeping our energy up and making sure that every time we are in the gym we are getting better and looking at what we need to do to be successful against our opponent,” Head Coach Thomas Kane said. 

Kane was the assistant coach at Dripping Springs for five years. Since his move to Johnson, he has gone back into the head coach position. 

“It is a lot different from just being in the assistant role. Sometimes the responsibilities are a bit different, the relationship with the girls is a bit different, but for the most part it’s still coaching volleyball every day, and I really enjoy that,” Kane said. “One of the things when I moved here was, having known some of the girls already, I knew there was talent here and I knew making playoffs was a goal of theirs. That vision aligned with my goals for the program, and we really felt like we had the pieces to make it to the playoffs.”

Senior Mackenzie Behl thinks that Kane has not only helped the team with their reads and volleyball IQ, but with bringing the team together.

“Team chemistry is what we really need right now, and he has helped a lot,” Behl said. “We have been working really hard the last four months, and this is something that we have wanted. We are all really prepared, mentally, to see what happens on Tuesday, and we are all really confident going into this game and about how we are going to play.”

The team has been preparing for Westwood in their practice, and has studied the matchup.

“We’ve been doing drills to get us ready for their lineup and their defense and their rotations so we know exactly what they’re going to bring to the table,” junior Kamryn Louk said. “We know their DS, or defensive specialist, is really good, and we have been learning that we can tip to the middle to get points.”

Senior Lana Tello, the team captain, is excited for the game, and knows that the team is ready. 

“I know we all really want the win, because this is new for us, but we are all really excited and know we can do it together,” Tello said. “We have learned new things everyday, and we know we can win.”

Kane is looking forward to playoffs, and knows his team can show up with all they have. 

“I love my team, I love their heart, and I love their grit and determination, and honestly, win or lose, the team is going to give everything they got on the court,” Kane said. “I think we have a lot of talent, and I would not want to be with anyone else.”