Students earn money by selling clothing


Submitted photo

Joe Margiotta showing his shirt

Daniel Van Cleave

There are a lot of ways to make money as a high schooler. Although none of those ways may be as smart as what some of these Jags are doing. 

Freshmen Garrison Pope and sophomore Joe Margiotta sell clothes such as shoes and shirts to make money in their free time. You may think this wouldn’t get that much money or attention, but you would be far from wrong. 

Margiotta has made quite a lot of money, off the short amount of time that he has been selling his clothes. 

“As of right now I have been selling shirts for a little less than six months,” Margiotta said. “In that time, I have already sold a little more than fifteen hundred dollars in profit.” 

There is a deeper technique to selling shoes, then just posting a shoe with a price on it. 

 “Most people think you just post a shoe with a price tag you want on them, but it’s more than that,” Garrison said. “It’s like a strategy game if you want to make the most money. You need to see what shoes are selling for the most money but are also not that expensive retail. For instance when the Nike Dunks were popular the retail value was around $110-150, but you could resell them for $250-300. Since everyone would buy them out you could only get them off the resale and that’s how you make a good profit.”

There are also other small tips and tricks to getting to be able to sell as much clothes as possible.

“I use three tricks to get the word of my business around,” Margiotta said. “For starters you have to post your brand where everyone will see it. I use Snapchat and Instagram for this. You also need to get good friends that can also post it around to get the word everywhere. Now that a lot of people know about it, some will check out what I’m selling. From there you can make good offers off of what they like.”

People who buy Margiotta’s vintage clothes definitely enjoy them and wear them frequently.

“I have bought two shirts from Joe,” sophomore Cameron Torres said. “It is nice because it is  a different style of clothes, unlike Nike and the other brands. It has its own vintage old style which is cool to me and I’m sure others.”