NHS holds peer tutoring to help struggling students

Marie Colunga, Staff Writer

Peer tutoring was started by sophomore English teacher Amy Armatta and takes place every Monday and Thursday in the library at 4:15 p.m. All the tutoring is done by NHS members or officers, like seniors Caitlin Brock and Marley Brownlow.

 “It’s an opportunity for NHS members to help anybody in the school who needs help with any subject, whether it is homework or just getting a better understanding of it,” Brock said. “It gives people a better opportunity to understand it from people that are more on their level,” NHS members sign up for tutorials each day peer tutoring is held so that there is always someone there to help the students. Usually, there are people who volunteer for different subjects, but there are options if the members can’t help with a specific subject. 

“Usually, there are people there so when you walk in you can say what you need help with and people will volunteer,” Brock said. “If there are not enough people there to cover every subject, then people will step in and try to find resources that can help you with study habits or anything like that.” 

NHS is doing peer tutoring to give students a comfortable place to study on their own time with someone they are comfortable with and who can better understand their issue.

“We are doing peer tutoring to give students a comfortable place to study, do homework and ask questions because maybe if they can’t get help from a teacher, they can get help from another student and feel more comfortable,” Brownlow said. 

Starting next semester, students will be able to schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions with specific NHS tutors so that it will fit their own schedule, allowing them to feel even more comfortable with the process. 

“Teachers are not your peers, so we just thought it would be a good opportunity because sometimes it’s easier to learn something when they are learning from another student,” Armatta said.