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Understanding Cosmetology and Its Advantages

Benefits of Learning the Beautification of Hair, Skin, and Nails
Viviana Carrizales Garcia
Salon Nights occur every so often to support the funding of cosmetology program.

Steam prowlers over straightened hair strands menacingly in a hot flurry. The chemical scent of hairspray is potent in the room and tangy. The first dip of fresh nail polish is nothing but a shine of black at first, yet eventually, it can turn into the screaming mask of a horror design. With a scoop of lotion and a slap on the arm, the cracking and rupture of dry skin can be greased into a nice patch of burnished flesh as if it were fresh from the womb. 

Cosmetology focuses on the cleansing and beautification of hair, skin, and nails with its beneficial program. 

This elective can come to students in various ways, its idea to lead them toward tips and tricks along the way is an important asset for all. Johnson’s cosmetology class is a study for not only those who are looking ahead to work in the beauty industry, but also for those with a wider range of uses. It’s a set of abilities that can come to people in more ways than one. 

“Cosmetology is a way that people can express themselves. People can turn it into a hobby; some people find it entertaining to help clients, and for some, it can be labeled as a sort of stress relief,” Juliana Benevidas freshman said. “People do it for fun, sometimes just to have the skills, and a lot of times people open up their own salon or own business. It’s a good program.” 

Like any other class that teaches the importance of things, some aspects of it don’t come easy for some students. Cosmetology isn’t a fairly hard class, as reported by students, but it isn’t easy either. Dangerous equipment to handle that can sear flesh into a bright red, spills of various beauty products over the tables, and the misunderstanding of something, things can turn sideways quickly. 

“We do have some tough terminology to learn about, like the different body parts that we get to work on,” cosmetology teacher Mrs. Ramirez said. “But a lot of it is participation and trying and not just denying and not doing things.”

Cosmetology is a customer service job, so the whole point of it is giving, and that contributes to giving it your best effort. People in this kind of field must learn how to give effectively and efficiently, and cosmetology is no exception. 

“Universally, it’s all about what the client asks and to give what the client wants. To get their hair done, their nails- It’s the cosmetologist’s job to provide all of that.” Julianna said.

A great way to practice one’s cosmetology skills and exercise the stocked information from the class is to begin the stage of taking in clients. For mere high schoolers, the best way to initiate that is to host an event, like a festival; a holiday-themed festival, with tooth-rotting surgery cupcakes and sweet punch drinks. On Oct.14, cosmetology hosted an event catered to three to five year olds called “Fall Fest.” 

“This Saturday we have an event for little kids. Juniors, seniors, and sophomores are in charge of styling them.” Julianna said.

The event was set up carnival style, the little kids had lots to do and choices to pick through; such as arts and crafts and even messing with the mannequins. They were able to get things such as manicures and pedicures, hair tinsel, and hair chalk, and they even learned how to braid. “It was really fun and organized,” said Kensie McCracken sophomore, and Kenna Kirkpatrick junior. Seventy-nine children within the community participated in the festive event. 

This event wasn’t only a good time for the little kids though, but for future cosmetologists working and practicing their skills. 

Mrs.Ramirez said, “They worked fast and worked hard,”

Unlike some classes that students take in high school that only teach them the material required to know, host some events, and then leave them to swim in the whirlpool after they’ve graduated on their own, cosmetology lends them the official title of a licensed cosmetologist the moment they walk out their doors. 

“When you leave cosmetology you leave with your Texas State license,” Mrs. Ramirez said. “So when you leave Johnson there is no extra schooling you have to do. You are a licensed cosmetologist and you are able to work on hair, nails, and skin.” 

The Texas State license is an official license by the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. After graduation, a former cosmetology student is handed the license and is dubbed an official cosmetologist. This benefit is worth a fraction of what it would cost if you had to enroll in cosmetology school outside of high school. 

Unlike other classes with a program of study, cosmetology is a class that has a lot more benefits than purely one. Whether someone takes it to become a future cosmetologist with an immediate license, take it simply for the skills, to complement artistic passions, or as a side job, it has the routes that can really help someone in life no matter which one they take. 

“Even if it’s not going to be your main career, it can definitely help you through college so you don’t have to get more student loans,” Mrs. Ramirez said. “It’s a great application.”

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