Powderpuff Football

Daniel Van Cleave

 On May 19, the sophomore girls’ Powderpuff team will play a flag football game against the freshmen team. The winner from that match will play against the team that wins the senior and junior games, and the team that wins both games will be crowned the Powderpuff champions. 

     “We will be crowned champions,” coach Daniel Van Cleave said. “We are practicing twice a week for two and a half hours a day to make sure we come on top. Practice just started and I already see lots of potential and lots of talent. We should be the team no one wants to play.”

     These sophomore girls are unlike the others as they want to practice more and have the desire to win over any other grade. 

     “I believe we want this more than any other team,” wide receiver Jayden Jager said. “I have never played football before, but I’m still competitive. I wouldn’t want anything else but to win. I think all my teammates would also agree with me.” 

    Along with the player’s drive to win, the coaches are just as driven to lead their teams to the win.

     “It’s not the easiest thing in the world to teach how to play football,” coach Nic Polk said. “But these girls don’t make it that hard. It makes it easier when they want to play and win instead of just goofing around. Don’t get me wrong, we still have fun, but we have learned a lot in just two practices so far.” 

     With less than a month before the games, it is crucial that the teams find their strengths in order to win. 

     “We have an advantage we are going to use to try and get the biggest edge on competitors,” safety Skyler Powell said. “We have an iPad that is able to send the plays we want to run onto wristbands we will be wearing. This makes it easier to play because the coaches won’t have to make hand signals or yell, and we will better understand what we are doing in that certain play.