French teacher leaves after four years

Ryan Sheely

Geoffery Ashford has been the only French teacher here, and his four years of teaching has unfortunately come to an end. Ashford is ready for his future outside of Johnson, and is proud of the impact he left on student’s futures here.

“It was already a plan of mine to leave teaching after this year,” Ashford said. “I’ve been doing very well in a class that I’ve been taking, and my professor offered me a job in my field.”

Ashford liked to keep his classroom alive with fun assignments and different ways to learn. Junior Chloe Cheinier thinks Ashford taught French very well.

“He kept class entertaining, we always had really fun projects, we always had good notes to remember terms and it was always easy to learn French with him,” Chainier said.

Junior Leighann Borden admired Ashford in many ways, as he was very fun to be around.

“I loved the energetic class and everybody in it, he was really cool in a lot of ways,” Borden said.

Ashford strived to make French easy, or at least understandable for all of his students. Junior Angle Pierce saw this first hand in his classes.

“He didn’t make me feel stupid, he worked with me one-on-one and we talked through it,” Pierce said.

Ashford was an important teacher for all students; his passion for French made him the best candidate for the job.

“He was the first and best French teacher I’ve ever had, he knew French really well,” Chainier said. “He was really helpful and he was someone you could go to to ask about a word or translation.”